Top 4 Tactical Ways to Make Money on YouTube

How can we make money on Youtube? how much money do YouTubers make? We have seen a lot of successful YouTubers. Their youtube income astonished us too, isn't it? I'm writing on how to make money on youtube on the basis of my own experience. My name is Ar_shades and welcome M-SHADER.

make money on youtube

Get Yourself Prepared to Make Money on Youtube

So, yet again, today let's learn something sort of make money on youtube. Before writing this article.  As a writer, I have to do an organized and established research about make money on youtube. So like everybody else, I too queried on Google, visited varieties of websites and watched some videos about make money on youtube. Also, I'm a YouTuber myself you can check my youtube channel here: and it assisted me a little bit in writing this article.

One more tip, if you truly desire to know how to make money on youtube. And you queried on search engines and available sources and still didn't get any idea even where, to begin with. Then, Standup at the moment and nod your head and mind, then build a youtube channel right away. That is all you need to do. And upload videos, take it as your passion and gaiety. Not the youtube earnings. The money will come to your way. Like someone from somewhere said, " Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you ".

1. Google AdSense

So, connecting youtube channel with Adsense is the first and eminent method to make money on youtube 2019. If your Youtube channel achieved 10000 subscribers and 240000 viewed minutes in the recent 12 months. Then your channel is entitled to solicit for AdSense.

AdSense team will scrutinize your youtube channel. If your channel meets youtube terms and conditions, they will come to terms with your solicitation.

Likewise, sometimes you will be on the rejection list. Don't think it is over by one repudiation. You can try as many times as you are able to. Each time you get denied, you have something to learn of it. So learn from rejections and try till you make a positive resultant.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Tired of seeing declined messages from Google Adsense for all the time? And decided to bring an end to your goals like resigning office work or acquiring your dream car, etc? No, it is not over.

Here is another method to make money on youtube without AdSense. It is easy to start affiliate marketing with affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon affiliate program, Flipkart affiliate program, ClickBank, etc.

How to earn money on youtube with affiliate marketing: Read the complete guide here. Earning on youtube with affiliate marketing, Your creative spirit and imagination is the only limitation here.

3. Find sponsors

How to earn money on youtube without AdSense or affiliate programs, The question became repeatedly boring.

You can also find paid sponsors for your channel. Hey, don't presume who is going to sponsor for your small channel. I have a small tip to get sponsors for your youtube channel.

Thus, getting paid sponsors are truly a good method to make money on youtube channel. Cookery, health, technology, unboxing and reviewers and gaming related YouTubers have high chances of getting paid sponsors.

Visit famebit how to get a sponsor from famebit and how to make extra money: Read complete guide here. Also remember, talk or show the logo of your sponsor only for a maximum of 5 seconds because it is against youtube terms and conditions. Your channel might get terminated.

4. Promote your skill&services

Sometimes this method needs special skills. Promote your own books or provide services through youtube channel.

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